Different Types of Lighting

Different Types of Lighting

Most of us have no idea how important good lighting is, especially in your home.  Have the wrong lighting in your bathroom and you will be terrified to look in the mirror.  Bad lighting in the kitchen and you won’t be able to see what you’re eating. Lighting is so important that they have their own stores.  If you have ever stepped into a lighting showroom then you have seen not only a plethora of different styles of lamps but a variety of different light fixtures as well.   Let’s talk about the different types of lighting that you probably have in your home right now and what purpose they serve.


Chandeliers are generally found in entryways of high-end homes and typically in the dining area of average homes.  Chandeliers or even any type of hanging light fixtures work best when you have high ceilings otherwise you’re constantly walking into them.

Track Lighting

Track lighting is found in offices and commercial buildings everywhere, it is the most efficient way to light up the entire room.  In the home, you are most likely to find track lights in the kitchen and sometimes in the basement if the ceilings aren’t too low.

Recessed or Pot Lighting

These are becoming more and more common in newer homes.  You can add as many lights as you need, if properly arranged they can light up every corner of the room.  These lights are softer and can be found in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms but most often in the basement.  They usually have dimmer switches to adjust the amount of light in the room and they are perfect in homes with low ceilings.


Lamps are as decorative as they are functional.  Lamps serve to focus the light in certain areas such as desks, next to the bed or next to a sofa.  It allows you to read or work with adequate light while not making the rest of the room too bright.  If you go to a lighting store the vast amount of the products on display are going to be lamps.

Vanity Lighting

This type of lighting includes the lights around the bathroom mirror along with those around a mirror at a dressing table.  You can also include lights that are installed under the kitchen cabinets.

While most people don’t give the lighting in their homes much of a second thought, lighting is what gives your home a warm and comfortable atmosphere.  Lighting isn’t just decorative it has to function well too, take into consideration the shape of the room as well as the features you want to highlight when picking out your lighting fixtures.