5 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Home Lighting

5 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Home Lighting

Home lighting can be complicated because it requires you to find the perfect balance between your needs, the needs of other family members, and also your budget. Moody lighting can help with this dilemma by creating an ambiance that matches what you’re looking for. It comes in different types, so you’re sure to find one that fits your style and taste.

#1. Lighting Affects Your Mood and Your Health

Lighting affects moods and health. People who spend more time in darker rooms are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, and stress. If you want to be happy and healthy, you should consider using brighter lights or use candles for a soothing atmosphere.

#2. There is No One-Size-Fits-All Solution for Every Situation

You can’t just walk into a room and know how to make the lighting better. The whole point is to experiment. Take notes as you make changes, and find what works best for you.  A good way to start is by taking a photo of the room with your phone or camera and then using an app like Enlight or HomeLighting to see how that space will look with different kinds of light bulbs, fixtures, and lamps.

#3. Know What You’re Working With and Consider Its Impact on Other Rooms in the House

One of the most common types is ambient light, which is used to create an atmosphere or set a tone for a room. Ambient light can be created by putting lamps in every corner of the room, but it can also be achieved using just one lamp with spots on two walls. The type of light that you choose to use will affect the mood that you want to create for your home.

We need to know what kind of light we are working with and what kind will best suit our needs before we start setting up any lighting plans for our house. There are many different rooms in a house and they all need their own type of ambient light

#4. Soften Blinding Flashes Through Properly Positioning Candles or Incandescent Lights

Candles or incandescent lights can be placed at the back of the room for illumination. They should not be kept too high nor too close to the people in the room.

#5. Take Advantage of Natural Light as Much as Possible

Having the right amount of natural light in your home is not only mood-boosting but also good for your health. Natural light has many benefits. It can reduce stress, help you sleep better, improve your mood, and may even reduce the risk of depression.

The use of artificial lights can put an extra strain on us too. By using more artificial lights in our homes and offices we are exposing ourselves to more blue light which disrupts our body’s natural production of melatonin disrupting our sleep cycle.