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Our Process

From vision to reality

The creative use of lighting can transform a room, a home or a garden. Architecture, Furniture and outdoor spaces can only be fully appreciated with a sympathetic lighting design. Our role is to understand what you want to achieve with your space and then realise it in a way that enhances the ambience you want to create.

Drawing on our many years of experience, knowledge and ideas we work hard to understand your taste. We come to you and demonstrate the many ways that lighting can create the required moods and effects to bring your room, home or garden to life.

You can see how we have done this in our Showcase.

Project Planning & Development

We can work from an architect's CAD files, an interior designer's plans and drawings or your ideas sketched on the back of an envelope. We have a huge portfolio of lights and settings that we can produce to demonstrate what works as the project develops.

We also understand that requirements change as other aspects of your property evolve. Whatever the length of your project, we will work alongside you to produce the desired results.

Lighting design is often part of a range of services required to produce what you want to achieve. Having spent many years in the electrical installation industry we total understand how every part should work and are more than qualified to oversee and organise an installation.

To see how our projects unfold, see our Projects page.

Working with the best

Our years of knowledge ensure that we’re able to propose the right product for quality and reliability for each and every project.