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The process of hiring a Lighting Designer

by Greenleaf Lighting on 2 August 2016 13:45pm : 1126


Over the years that I’ve worked as a lighting designer most first-time clients have the same question.


Q: What’s the process of hiring a lighting designer?

I describe it as a 3 stage process:

Step 1 getting to know each other

Step 2 planning the scope of work and

Step 3 the installation and finishing touches.


Step 1 getting to know each other

Firstly, we suggest a no-obligation meeting so that we can get to know each other. We ask whether you really need our services and if we have something to offer you.

We will build a picture of your tastes and take into account any initial drawings or ideas you have. I will ask questions such as:

  • What is the size and the scope of your project; do you need help with lighting a new build, extension, conservatory or external lighting?

  • Do you prefer traditional or contemporary?

  • What do you want to do with the spaces and how will you furnish them?

  • How do you want to control your lighting; by traditional switches or new technologies?

After our first meeting together I will draft a proposal with initial costings.


Step 2 planning the scope of work

At this stage we will discuss a range of lighting options adapted to your design tastes. We can introduce you to exciting products that you might never have seen before. The lighting design will be bespoke to your project, discussed in step 1.

Q: What if I don’t agree with the design?

Together we can make changes to the draft plan to suit your needs, nothing is set in stone.

Q: How much time do you spend on a project?

Projects can take anything from 10-15 hours for one of our smallest of projects, to much longer periods of time on projects such as this barn conversion.

In this 2nd stage we can establish how long it will take to draw up a design, to be shown to your contractor and agree on your budget.

We can now price and change the fittings to find a price that best fits you and put forward a specification.


Step 3 installation and finishing touches

With this specification in place we can get to work on your design, offering a hand holding process from start to finish.

Q: Do you do the installation as well as the design?

Yes we can install on projects, as well as working alongside architects, interior designers, electricians and other contractors. We can work closely with your team to ensure the brief is met.

Q: Can I change my mind during installation?

We work in a flexible and fluid way, understanding that once on site,plans sometimes change as the design evolves. We will adapt to your changing needs and work with your contractors to make the necessary design adjustments.


Our job is done only when you’re fully satisfied with your lighting design.

Start a conversation with us today.


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