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3 common errors people make when hiring a lighting designer

by Greenleaf Lighting on 5 August 2016 10:07am : 1335


There are 3 common errors people can make when considering lighting design for their home; lack of research, not setting a budget and thinking about lighting design too late.

  1. Lack of research

It’s a common error not to explore what's out there in terms of lighting options. It’s always helpful if you have an idea of what you like. We usually direct people to websites such as:

Or magazines such as,

Get an idea of what's out there and what you can do to highlight a room’s features. If you approach us with a rough scheme in mind, it's our job to turn your image into a reality. We’ll also introduce you to a whole new way of thinking and suggest ideas and fittings you wouldn’t necessarily have imagined.

2. Setting a realistic budget

It’s important to set a provisional budget. If we work with you we will be showing you fittings you've probably never seen before, that will bring a real twist to your property and highlight its features.

There’s no point in hiring a lighting designer to then compromise on the quality of the fittings. Equally, it is a mistake for clients to get too carried away; sometimes less is more.

3. Thinking about lighting design too late

Lighting design needs to be thought about as early as possible. We aim to integrate lighting design with architectural features, this works best if we can get in at the planning stage. Even once the architect has drawn up their initial draft plans we can introduce different ways to bring the best out of your properties features.

If you hang a lightbulb in a room and you dim it you’ve just got a ball of light that goes bright and then dim. However, if you've got a light in the corner at one level, spotlights in the ceiling at high level, picture lights and a table lamp all on separate circuits you can do something quite dramatic in a room, which you can’t do with just one light bulb.

Don’t let lighting your home be an afterthought, as once contractors are on site plans become more difficult to change.


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